Rights & Obligations of Observers & Visitors

1- Accessing polling and counting stations and district committees
2- Observing, watching and noting all the procedures of electoral process
3- Adhering to wear identification cards issued by presidential election committee obviously during his presence in district committees or polling stations and to carry the national identity card or the passport
4- Observer may not remain within any polling station for more than half an hour only if pooling station chairperson allows him to do that
5- In the case of wishing to attend vote counting process, that shall be done from beginning till declaring the results and he/she may not leave the polling station only after taking permission from pooling station chairperson
6- Adhering to instructions from the judges ,chairpersons of district committees and pooling stations who have to define the observers number inside the polling station or limit the period of their presence
7- Interfering with or disrupting the electoral process in any way; as well as influencing voters or campaigning for candidates shall be prohibited
8- Making any comment, statement in relating to electoral process or declaring the results of election before declaring them officially shall be prohibited.
9- Conducting opinion poll for voters inside polling stations premises or election institution before or after voting shall be prohibited.
10- Seizing any kind of arms shall be prohibited utterly during observing the electoral process.
11- Abiding by all provisions regulating in laws ,regulations, decrees of the presidential election committee.





Time Schedule

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